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Are We Following the Herd?

Are We Following the Herd?

| February 01, 2023

In nature we see some amazing rituals: the great elephant migration of the Okavango, the annual flamingo lek and of course the almost nightly ritual of my wife and me trying to figure out where to eat dinner. All these rituals are complex, repetitive and appear to observers as completely instinctual.

Scientists still find the meaning and impetus of these behaviors elusive. Are they driven by circumstances, time, or changes in the weather? Or are they just so rehearsed that their actual meaning has become totally lost?

So many of the things we do each day happen out of:

  • Ritual – things we always do out of need or habit.
  • Reaction – circumstances conspire to interrupt our day and consume our thoughts.
  • Distraction – much of our time is filled doing things that simply pass the time.

Over the last couple of years – between smart phones, 24-hour news, social media and streaming services – we all have likely wasted too much time and mental energy reacting to what we hear and read. Most are also finding that all the screen time distractions do not refresh us or help make our lives richer.

Many of you will be coming in to do your reviews with us in the coming months. Two questions we always ask are how are things going and has anything changed? This is an attempt to discover if new priorities have been set or old ones have changed. As you know, we have made a commitment to put your Values First. Our primary goal is to help you align the management and use of your resources to make progress on the things that are more important in your life than money.

With all the distractions of the last few years, it has been easy to let our priorities move to the bottom of the list. But so much of what is going on in the world around us is outside our ability to change – and most of the groups bombarding us with all this information are really just trying to sell us something.

Let me encourage you to take some time and think about what you want to accomplish, experience, or focus on in 2023. Make an inventory of the things you value most – be specific! Have the events of the last few years caused you to lose focus or change how you are spending your time or energy in those areas? Be ready to communicate your findings and decisions with us when you come in – or even sooner if needed.

I believe life is rewarding and joy-filled when we make progress on the things we value most. If you find this exercise difficult or frustrating, don’t give up – let us help!