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Why Clients Choose Us

John Mitchell, CFP® is a financial advisor serving a select number of individuals and families. His mission is to help his clients identify and align their personal values with their financial decisions and goals. His deep commitment to his clients is defined by three core principles:

Holistic Family Focus

  • A consultative and engaging process that helps clients discover, define, and prioritize the family’s goals before discussing their finances.
  • Independent advisor, whose interests are always aligned with clients-someone who listens and understands what you want for your family and who will be there for you.
  • A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, who follows a rigorous program of continuing education to stay informed of planning & investment innovations.

Clients feel more connected to what they value most, knowing that they have an advisor committed to building stronger families.

Value-Based Planning

  • A disciplined approach that begins with deep discovery to uncover what’s important and valued by the family while addressing any disconnects that prevent them from achieving what they most value.
  • A financial planning process that involves assessing our clients’ current state versus their desired state, then connecting their wealth to their values.
  • A deliberate decision-making approach aligns your assets with your “family based values” to help navigate life’s changes, opportunities, and schallenges.

Clients feel more focused on their ability to build lasting success from a foundation of shared and practiced values.

Tailored Attention

  • Proactive client communications and accountability throughout the relationship educates clients to make sound decisions, connecting their finances to their family values.
  • Frequent collaboration and advocacy with accountants and attorneys to make sure that clients' goals and values are implemented and coordinated efficiently.
  • Ability to focus on each family’s needs and values in a unique way that brings more understanding and clarity.

Clients feel more at ease knowing that a professional is at their disposal to help them connect their wealth to their family’s values.

Shared Client Needs

John excels at helping his clients sort out what’s important to them and move forward. He provides indispensable advice to help bring order to the lives of his clients-along with an array of financial services to help address their financial goals.

John traditionally serves both individuals and families...

  • Who are navigating through life’s changes, such as families with special needs, women in transition, retirees, family business transitions, career changes, and need financial advice and who need financial advice.
  • Who recognize that what they’ve done in the past will not work in the future.
    …with investable assets of $1 million or more, and a minimum initial investment of $250,000.