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Best Investments for 2024

Best Investments for 2024

| January 02, 2024

Happy New Year! Even though today is only one day removed from 2023, we hope this fresh start brings with it hope and new beginnings.

One of the hallmarks of a new year is all the investment predictions from “experts” as to how the year will go, what investment strategy will work and where markets will end the year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun game. I enjoy playing it too, but with the future being what it is – unknown – I thought I might try to give us some recommendations for a real chance at a successful 2024.

Invest in:

Relationships – Who would you like to spend time with this year? Who do you want to get closer to? Who do you want to invest in or re-connect with? Making stronger connections to the people in our lives is a proven way to improve our quality of life.

Yourself – How did you improve as a person in 2023? Did you learn something? Did you develop? Look at the year ahead and decide how you want to grow. We are never too old or too stuck to try something new!

Planning – The two things above won’t happen if you don’t decide what you want, make a plan (write it down), and allocate the time and resources to make it happen. So much of what is going on around us is outside of our control. Decide to make 2024 a year of personal and relational progress!



Social Media – Maybe this is just for me, but I have never spent an evening on social media that left me feeling good about myself, the world or how I spent my day. If you want to push back against a crazy world, start by taking control of what you watch.

Things you can’t change – Twenty-four-hour news cycles that are designed to make us anxious about things we have no ability to change are not going to add any joy to your year. Try setting a budget for how and where you are going to get your news. Actual news isn’t intended to be entertainment! Also, try to keep up with local news. You don’t live in China and can’t change what’s going on there – try to be informed on what’s happening in your city. Maybe there is something you can do about that – even in a small way.

Wasting time and resources – Being a good steward of your resources gives you and your family the ability to thrive – not just live – within your means. We all have the same twenty-four hours to advance our cause and to help others. Look back at 2023 and ask what you could have done differently – write that down. Share your goal to live more deliberately in 2024 with your spouse or a friend.

All these ideas are rooted firmly in knowing and promoting your core values. If you want, share your plans for a successful 2024 with us – we are here to help!