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Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

| September 30, 2019

It is always nice to be able to say YES.  YES to dinner invitations.  YES to charities.  YES to your grandkids.  YES to home repairs.  YES to vacations.  However, the list of things we could do, must do, want to do, and wish we could do is always longer than what we can afford to do - or even have time to do.  And, for those of us with families, we have more than just our list to consider. 

Choosing from all these good things can stress you out.  Without a plan, all the choices can feel like living in the cereal aisle of the grocery store…with your kids.

Have you ever pondered the freedom of saying no?  I normally think freedom comes from choices.  Perhaps the first step in finding freedom is narrowing your focus.  There is something very powerful and freeing about being able to resolutely say, “No thank you.  We’ve chosen to do something else.”

When you buy a home, you are making an exciting decision.  You are deciding where the holidays will happen, where friends will come and where memories will be made.  You are also deciding against all the other homes you could buy and -- you’ll stop looking.  There is freedom in making good decisions that you don’t need to revisit. 

The most powerful and freeing decisions you can make as a person, couple, and family are based on your shared core values.  Here are a few basic questions to get you started. 

  • What is more important to us than money – do we use our resources in ways that support those priorities?
  • What do we want to build as a couple – or, where do we want to be in 10, 20 years from now?
  • What are the things we spend on that are not in alignment with what we want most? Why do these things feel important in the moment?

Just like buying a home – jointly making big decisions about what you both want to do in life with the limited time and resources you have is not about losing your freedom.  Its not about depriving yourself – its about focusing on the things you and your spouse need and want most! 

This clarity of purpose has also been observed to have another interesting effect on people’s finances.  Having a clear understanding of what you want often drives us to find the income we need to reach for our goals.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen families’ incomes grow after they have outlined what matters most. 

Living in conflict over how money is used in a family is one of the key stressors in a relationship.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  If you are ready to set a clear course towards financial freedom - Let us help!